Over the years, I have successfully imported over 3 million products from China. This count is growing exponentially as 90% of my clients are return customers. I feel like it’s 100% though, as the last 10% are probably still trying to sell their products 🙂

During the years I have met priceless contacts in China, ensuring the importing / quality checks of our products are done in a right manner.
It can be a hassle to import products from China or any other asian country due to the language barrier, the different way of working and ideas of what makes a product “perfect” or “good”. Where most companies and factories settle for “Good”, I focus on getting the “perfect” product.
Working with people with the same vision is a must, and trust me, it could take years to find them.

Most people give up when they’re just a few steps from successfully importing products from China.
I’m here to step in when you’ve tried your best. Don’t ask for help if you haven’t tried. I’m expecting some effort from your side as well.

Specialized in custom branded products / clothing, product packaging, food packaging and turning your company in to a brand.


It all started by messing around with photoshop on a very young age. Over the years I have developed skills in UI/UX Design, App Design, Product Design, Logo and Website Design.

Turning ideas into beautiful products is my passion. Some of my designed and produced products are selling more than 500 times per day!


Known for solving issues the easiest way. This might sound ridiculous but usually the solution is right there in front of you.
Working smarter and harder is the way to go.

Need a solution for your problem? Hit me up and I might just have the solution. Pretty much any web/app related issue can be solved in a very logic way.


Do you need a website or a webshop in no time? Sleep is overrated. Hit me up and we can make something happen in the next few days. If your life depends on it, we might have it done by tonight.

Specialized in e-commerce, bar/restaurant, gambling and company websites.
I have also written custom code to turn your artwork in to a collection of 10.000 unique Ethereum, Solana or Polygon based NFT’s.


Don’t worry about your project ending up on some portfolio page. You get what you pay for, and with me that’s the complete package. You will own everything and you decide where to post/share your ventures. I will never share any of your work with others.

So tell me..
How can I help?

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